Follow the Race: Atlas Mountain Race

Follow the Race: Atlas Mountain Race

The Atlas Mountain Race is a self sufficient endurance race through the the dry arid landscapes of the Atlas mountain range in Morocco. The race is primarily offroad, taking in amazing gravel roads, single track and forgotten trails.⁠ It's a tough race on both rider and kit, so we're glad to lend our hand in supporting the race, and doing what we can to make sure the riders are set up with kit they can depend on. ⁠

Follow the race tracker here:

The race is full of variables that will make it amazing to follow. Tough dusty tracks through dry landscapes are often in a state of disrepair, making the riding a lot more technical and difficult throughout. The temperature can vary between 30 degrees in the day and around freezing at night time. 

Riders to follow:

Jade Saskia Field and Carl Hopps (Caps 206 - Pair)

Long time riding pals and long distance addicts Carl and Jade will be taking on this year's event. They've spent the year preparing with events such as the Highland Trail 550, Lakeland 200, Dales Divide and many other offroad bikepacking trips in between. 

You may know Carl, who works in our cutting room, from our coverage of the GBDuro last year. Carl is fairly new to riding overseas, whereas Jade is more experienced having cycled around the world back in 2019.



jade field restrap atlas

jade field atlas mountain race

We had a visit from Carl and Jade and went through their setups for the race at Restrap HQ. You can check out the video here:


steven atlas mountain race

Steven LeHyaric (Cap 127)

No stranger to riding through arid landscapes, Steven LeHyaric is aiming to be at the front of this years race. With Steven's vast experience in ultra-distance riding, incredible endurance and consistent pace, he'll be one to watch. He already has Race Across France and Race Across Belgium wins under his belt, a 2nd place at Italy Divide and has also cycled to Everest Base camp, and that's just this year.


mike drummond atlas

Michael Drummond (Cap 89)

Good friend of Restrap and lover of all things gravel, Mike Drummond is taking on the Atlas Mountain Race for the second time this year. He's already tackled this year's Pan Celtic Race, and is on great form to place well this year.


Image credit: Mike Drummond, Dan King & Benjamin Faure