The Team

Our ambassadors play an active role in testing our gear in the harshest environments across the globe, sharing stories and completing extraordinary feats of physical endurance. Our dedicated team of riders not only directly influence our products, but also inspire and motivate cyclists around the world to push their own boundaries and make their own adventure.

Angus Young

Angus Young

TERRITORY: United Kingdom

BIO: A racer through and through, Angus is happiest smashing out huge miles off road. He’s made waves at GBDuro, with a 2nd place finish and has since won the Pan Celtic Race, Dales Divide and Highland Trail 550, where he also set FKTs on the route. He also holds the record for the 7,600km European Divide Trail, at 32 days 6 hours and 28 mins. The list goes on.

We’re proud to support Angus on his efforts to win races, and set blisteringly fast times on some of the toughest bikepacking routes in the world.